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When Your Husband is Never in the Mood

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    You're committed to creating a fantastic sex-life for you and your husband, but will he need some convincing? In this book, I'll tell you how to work with a husband who has low sexual desire. You can bring frequent, exciting sex back to your marriage!

When Your Husband...

101 Creative Ideas...

101 Creative Ideas for Making Love

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    If you've ever been disappointed with a lack of variety in your lovemaking, it's because you didn't have this book. All kinds of creative sex techniques are explained in detail inside. Never be at a loss for a lovemaking idea again!

Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband

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    Written by my husband Robert, this book is similar to "Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife," but written for men. If your husband might appreciate a guide to enhancing his pleasure and yours, pass it on to him!

Sex Skills for Husband

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The Definitive Guide to the G Spot

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    You have a G spot, and when your husband becomes adept at stimulating it, it will be a very good day for you! This site will soon be available for paying subscribers, but right now it's available exclusively to those who have signed up through this special offer. It features instructions, diagrams and videos meant to demystify the G Spot for married couples.

G Spot Guide

101 Romantic Ideas

101 Romantic Ideas

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    In a strong marriage, husband and wife frequently find new ways to remind each other of their love.

From our friend the bestselling author Michael Webb, this is a collection of great ideas to surprise and delight your spouse.



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