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    Sex in marriage shouldn't be a chore! I'll teach you how healthy Christian sexuality means more pleasure than you could possibly imagine, and when I'm done, you'll never want to go back to the way things were.
- Susan Irwin
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Stop Wondering How Much Better Your Sex Life Could Be. Improve it in Private, Starting Tonight!

    If you're like me, you've heard from friends, family, and especially the media over and over again that sex is really awesome, and you've had to bite your tongue to keep from admitting that for you, it isn't. Maybe you've even feared for the future of your marriage, short of some major change that would turn sex with your husband into the life-affirming cascade of pleasure that you were promised it would be.

    I used to be one of the many disappointed wives.

    I'm Susan Irwin, and I've dedicated years of my life to teaching women everywhere how easy it is to achieve the best sex of their life, and to be happier in general because of it..

    My husband and I are sex researchers. Between us, we've gone through every bookstore and library around, reading every book about sex that we could get our hands on. We were disappointed to find that most of the books for women were written by men. And worse, not a single one explained how God fits into the sex life of a Christian couple!

There is Nothing "Contradictory" About
Being a Good Christian Who Has Great Sex!

    God gave you everything you need to experience overwhelming love and pleasure. Sex is a gift meant to draw marriages closer forever. My book, Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife, is the only book on sex for women that is both scripturally and scientifically accurate.

If you're not happy with the quantity, or the quality of the sex in your marriage bed, then you owe it to yourself and to your husband to make it better!

   Here's something that may surprise you: More than half of all American women aren't consistently satisfied with sex. If that didn't surprise you, how about this: Almost all of those women can learn to consistently reach satisfying climaxes from intercourse, and even have multiple orgasms regularly, if they followed the steps I've described in my book. I speak from experience.

Stop "Doing it" Just to Make Him Happy!

    My husband Robert and I were several years into our marriage, and we had sex regularly, but I had never had an orgasm from intercourse. I went on for years quietly accepting a less-than-complete sex life. "I have a husband who loves me," I thought, "My life is blessed. I should be happy with what I have." But really, that was the wrong attitude. When I finally discovered the mind-blowing pleasure God intended me to experience with my husband, I cried. And when I saw the excitement that my pleasure produced in my husband, and the bonding that took place in our marriage with our intense, frequent sex, I knew every wife deserved to find that happiness for herself.     

    That was the beginning of our careers as sex researchers and writers. My husband and I have now documented all of the easy methods you can use to dramatically increase the quality of sex in your marriage, and I've included them in this book to get the word out to other Christians looking for the full intimacy and joy possible in their marriage. Just as you and your husband are obligated by God to please each other sexually (yes, it's true, and you'll find out why on page 11 of my book), we feel an obligation to share the wonderful secrets we've learned.

Your husband will be thrilled—and aroused—by the difference.

     The journey to incredibly fulfilling sex is, of course, not one that you'll be making alone. You will learn ways to feel more pleasure than ever before, and you'll learn how to make sex more fun for your husband. You'll even be able to help him overcome problems like impotence and premature ejaculation. Every man worth his salt desperately wants to know how to give his wife the pleasure she deserves, night after night. When you give your husband the chance to help you reach new sexual heights, he'll take it seriously. And he'll be just as amazed as you are at the results.

    When you order my book and instantly download it (You could be reading it in minutes!), you'll find yourself with more information on improving sex than I can even list here.You'll also get an accurate biblical perspective on the blessings you've received as a Christian wife, and what God expects of a married couple. Here is a small sample of the issues this book addresses:

  • Secrets of Sexual Anatomy - You'll find out about the "sex muscle" that can amplify the pleasure of sex when used properly—for both you and your husband.
  • The Health Benefits of Being Sexually Fit - Learn what exercises to do to make sex more enjoyable, and how those same exercises can make childbirth safer and have other health benefits.
  • .
  • Which Sexual Acts are Approved by the Bible - I'll tell you what the Bible says about oral, anal, and other "non-standard" sex acts in a Christian marriage. You'll get an accurate interpretation of the scripture with verses cited, and it may be different from what your ministers have told you!
  • .
  • The Perfect Sex Position - The position that produces incredible pleasure and simultaneous climax.
Our Guide
  • How to Help Your Husband Get Over Impotence and Premature Ejaculation - These common male problems are almost always psychological, not physical. That means with your help, he can solve them forever! I'll teach you the right way to work with your husband to improve his performance, and tell you which mistake you must avoid when talking with him about sex.
  • Becoming Multi-Orgasmic, and How He Can Too! - Can married Christians develop these sexual super-powers? I would say it's especially easy for Christian couples! You'll find everything you need in order to improve your sexual response and become a master of sexual pleasure.
  • The G-Spot, and the Best Possible Orgasm for Women - Women don't know much about this, and men know even less. But once you read the book, you can teach your husband a new way to stimulate you that produces an orgasm neither of you will ever forget.
  • And So Much More!

    You will find real solutions in Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife powerful enough to change your marriage. I guarantee that you'll be happy with this book.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

    I want you to feel free to explore how positive Christian sexuality can improve the life of you and your husband without risk to you.

    If you order your instant-download copy of Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife and you are not 100% satisfied that my proven system has brought passionate and fulfilling sex back in your marriage, then you have a full 90 days to return it for every last penny of the $37.00 it cost you.

    I'm just so sure that this is the information you're looking for that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make you sure of it too.

    $37.00. Sex counseling would cost you quite a bit more, they won't give you a money-back guarantee, and you can't have it right now. My book has all the information you need, and every bit as much power to change your life. With the 90 day guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

    In fact, if you do decide to refund your purchase price, I'll even let you keep the book as my thanks to you for giving me a chance to help you. While I do feed my family by offering books and services like this, I serve God first and foremost, and if you don't genuinely feel that Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife is worth every penny you paid for it, then I don't want to keep your money.

    If you've made up your mind to give it a try, click this button to get your Insta-Download copy of Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife. If you're still not sure yet, keep reading to find out about the free bonus you get with your purchase!

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Sexy Coupons! - This is one of the hottest trends in spicing up a marriage. With your purchase, I'll also give you a book of 50 Sexy Coupons. Each one has a different "special favor" written on it. Print one out and slip it to your husband when you want to request some attention and start warming up the bedroom. Let him do the same, and you'll soon find that injecting some exciting variety into your marriage is easier than you thought! It's another great reason to order Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife.

    At the end of the day, this is all about you. You've been silently enduring a sex life that you're simply not happy with, and I'm here to tell you that there is absolutely no good reason for you to continue doing so. I've been there, and I assure you, it does get better, and when it does, you're not the only one who will benefit. Once you follow all the steps in my very clear guide, your husband will be far happier with your sex life as well. And God wants you both to be happy. God truly did make sex just for you and your husband. Isn't it time you both started really appreciating it for what it is?

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again on page 1 of Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife.